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12 Busty blonde chick Jasmine gets a hardcore dogstyle fuck

When we met Jasmine, she was a preppy smiling whore but when we were done with her, she was a dirty, dripping, slab of meat. We definitely put her through the grinder during the shoot. We fucked her ragged and pumped her face full of cock.
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05 Horny babe Daisy gets her pussy fucked by a massive cock

This white-trash whore’s name is Daisy. Daisy was hungry for some lovin’ so we immediately served up a big helping of cock for her hole and a side of hot cum for her face. Before that though, she helped herself to some tossed-salad and sucked on the meat-stick. Watch this whore’s face contort and her hear her moan as she’s being fucked deep and hard.
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11 Cieria deepthroats a big dick and gets her ass fucked hard

This lucky whore is in it to win it. For that reason, we thought we should go all out and unleash all we have on her. We fucked her, gagged her, stretched her holes wider than she thought possible and sprayed her with our thick baby batter. As a gift to show her what sport she was we gave her an ice pack and sent her on her way.
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10 Brynn gets her titght pussy fucked hard and receives cumshot

This barely legal little slut gets taught the ways of whoredom by the thick-dick Harry and his assistant, Delilah Strong. We were easy on her and only taught her the basics. For example, she gets taught how to choke on a cock til she tears up. She also learned how to correctly eat our mistress’s asshole while being pounded by a thick cock. Finally the most important lesson of all for this young whore-to-be is how to properly enjoy a batch of hot cum.
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09 Nasty Trixie takes a huge dick in her ass and gets cumshots

Have you ever wondered how best to please a woman? We have and we’re still searching for the answer. We thought we’d use these dirty whores to test and see what it is that a woman wants. We tried stuffing cocks in their face and deep-throating them, fucking them, spitting and blowing our loads in their face but nothing seems to be the answer.
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07 Dasha gets her ass licked and fucked until she gets cumshots

Dasha signed on board the Meatholes cast with the naivety of a schoolgirl. Not knowing what we had in store for this ravenous slut, she begins the shoot with a sensual tease. By the end of the night, poor unsuspecting Dasha has endured an abusive fuck fest of toe fucking and ass sucking, culminating with an explosion of seething cum!
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08 Gia sucked a huge dick until she gets hardcore anal fuck

The gorgeous dark hair beauty Gia gets a make-over Meathole style. We started with a seething spit facial, followed by a little throat gagging. We then proceeded to probe this whore with two giant cocks and finishing her off by drenching her in hot cum. Now if that isn’t good for the pores, than I don’t know what is!
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